Here is a page highlighting my pet-related services until I can find a better way to display it.

At the moment, I offer in-home pet sitting services.  I am very excited to be doing this on a more professional level as I absolutely adore animals, but sadly cannot justify bringing any more into my life in the near future.  I am also extremely passionate about the proper treatment and care of our pets, and enjoy taking a first-hand approach to seeing them thrive.

Leaving your pet is not an easy thing for you or your little four-legged one.  Dogs rely heavily on structure and routine, and when that routine is disturbed, they are hugely prone to heightened levels of anxiety and stress.  I believe the easiest and most humane way to leave a loved pet is having her remain in her home environment where she is most familiar.  Granted, many dogs do very well in kennels or daycare – and even enjoy it.  But, for those who have dogs more prone to anxiety like my dog, I offer services that will maintain the lifestyle they know.  If you believe these services could benefit you and your family, please read on.

For in-home sitting, I will come to your house  to care for your pets while you are away.  Prior to your departure, you will fill out a questionnaire and information form outlining your pet’s feeding and exercise schedule, health and grooming requirements, veterinary and other emergency contact information, and anything else I deem pertinent to maintaining the most structure and stability for your pet. While I typically do stay over night (I even bring my own pillow!), that is not necessary and payment adjustments may be made accordingly.  My main duty is to minimize the amount of stress on your pet through structure and exercise.  I try to incorporate trips to dog parks (for properly vaccinated, well-behaved dogs only of course) and hiking for the more adventurous mutt (weather permitting)!

I do travel with my small dog who is wonderful around all animals, so please be aware of your pet’s tolerance towards small, fluffy dogs. This is a great opportunity for your dog, cat, bird, chinchilla, rat to have exposure to socialization with another animal.

My client acceptance is based solely on my discretion.  While I am very open to working with all kinds of behavior and temperament, I may decline business if I deem your dog or pet too aggressive or otherwise unruly.  That said, I highly encourage and reinforce good manners in all pets I look after, so you can rest assured that your companion is in good hands and will not get away with bad behavior (and might even learn a thing or two)!

Please keep in mind that I will most likely be driving to your house if you do not live within a mile or two of myself or within walking distance of public transportation.  I do request access to on-street visitor parking permits if applicable, but prefer off-street parking options like a drive way, parking lot, or other arrangements.

Due to my current living situation, I cannot accommodate any pet sitting in my own home.  Sorry! :(

Fees and Packages:

Short term overnight stays (fewer than 7 days) are $50 a day

Long term overnight stays (7 days or more) are $45 a day

This includes any house care you may need (i.e. trash and recycling, watering plants, bringing in the mail and newspapers, light house cleaning, etc), one free nail trim per single sitting cycle for dogs only who are relatively good with having their nails clipped, brushing, de-shedding, or mild de-matting, medication administration, and lots of play time!

I am also happy to take your pooch or cat to the groomer if the cost is provided ahead of time. I also take a $25 deposit in case your dog gets dirty and you would like me to take him or her to a dog wash for a full-service bath, blow dry, and brush out or de-shedding (plus nail trim)! I worked two years at a local dog spa as a wash attendant and am very experienced in getting dirty dogs clean!

As of yet, I have not stayed anywhere for more than a month, but I am happy to work out a payment plan and other packages tailored to you and your pet’s needs. Let’s start a dialogue so I know how to better serve you!

I understand time constraints and last minute, unexpected trips.  I will do everything I can to accommodate all schedules, but please be aware that there may be some time conflicts and I may not be able to schedule you in at your desired time.  I do advise having more than one dog walker and sitter’s information for times like these.  I also ask that you contact me with as much notice as possible (requests made with less than a week’s notice will be taken on a first come first serve basis, schedule permitting).

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact me! You can reach me at

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