Hey, y’all! This is my umpteenth attempt at creating an engaging, informative blog/site thing devoted to one of the few joys in my life: dogs.

I have adored all living creatures all of my life.  I have owned my share of reptiles, fish, birds, and mammals (mostly to my parents’ chagrin), giving complex personalities and names to each of them.  I started working with dogs in March of 2010 (like actually getting paid to nom on cute fuzzy faces), and decided that I wanted to immerse myself in the world of dog training, grooming, breeds, nutrition and the like.  I have done exhaustive research on just about everything pertaining to dogs and decided to jump on the blog bandwagon to try to impart some of that acquired knowledge.

I currently live near Boston, MA with my little mutt, Spikey.  He is the absolute love of my life, and living proof that rescue dogs can be great!

This blog is so far very rough as I am still trying to learn the ropes ’round here.  Though at the most basic sense, I want the information to be good and, well, informative.  The bells and whistles will come later, I assure you.  For now, I simply ask that you take your time, stop on by, and learn a little somethin’ about our favorite furry companion! ;)

Spike hates baths!

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  1. Hello! My fiancé and I are leaving for a week and a half in August. We have one extra friendly cat, and one beautiful Vizsla who has epilepsy and takes pills twice daily. I am wondering what a price would be for you to stay here with them and take care of them. We live in Cambridge right near fresh pond and have a garage spot you could use. Please let me know if you would be interested in something like this. dates are August 13- August 21.

    • Pete! Good to hear from you, buddy. I miss you and your dad, too! Tell him that I love the site, and am hoping to start making some fancy collars soon!

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