Alive and wagging


Whew…my it has been a while. I have so much to write about and so little time to write!

My boyfriend and I got back last weekend from a two and a half week long road trip up the West Coast!  The best part?  We took Spike!  Oh yes, I think I mentioned it in my last post, but anyhow…!

Two and a half weeks later, have I got a story to tell!  Tales of marvelous crystal clear dog-friendly beaches and harrowing adventures of escape from unkind Hearst Castle workers! Well…ok, so nothing was very harrowing.  Except maybe Fiesta in Laguna Niguel, but that involved neither dogs nor sobriety and so is not appropriate for these pages!

But it’s late at the moment, and I still have to compile all of the hundreds of photos into one folder on my desktop so that I can make at least a little sense here. I just wanted to assure you all that I am, in fact, alive and well, with many stories to tell! I’m actually not even sure where to begin…

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