Hey y’all!

Welcome to my blog! Over the years I have made more attempts at blogs than I can remember the URLs for.  I’m sure they’re all floating somewhere in the nebulous crevices of the internets, taking up space and amusing the little web goblins and such.  I guess I hope this can be different.  Of course, every noob blog author dreams of big things for her public diary, but if anything, this will be a personal exploration to help me focus the direction of my research.

That brings us to the focus of the blog! :)

SO…I’ve been working with dogs for almost three years now and it turns out I kinda like ‘em. Long story short, I’ve been doing research on my own concerning dog breeds, grooming technique, training methods, behavior, and especially nutrition.  It has had me come to believe in a higher form of care for our family pets, particularly dogs.  What has become “acceptable” as treatment for our dogs in our society is just not good enough in my eyes.  It has also made me realize that there are not all that many well-informed, albeit well-intentioned bloggers who provide easily accessible information to those of us wanting to know how to raise a dog the right way.

The right way.  Yes, I acknowledge there is no ONE right way to raise a dog.  Different people have different needs, as different breeds have different functions.  My blog is (at least initially) intended for pet owners who simply want to raise emotionally and physically healthy dogs.  In all fairness, I do not think the majority of dogs living in your average households are being mistreated per say.  I just think that, having brought these impressionable creatures into our homes, we have a duty to provide the BEST lifestyle possible to them.  It might seem like the sort of lifestyle I tote is time consuming, expensive, or difficult.  My response to that?  Adopt a rat or pet rock – both of which I have had the pleasure of owning.  I always advocate making the best decisions for every person and every animal.  Sometimes a dog is not the right choice for certain people.  I will discuss that at some point as well.

I only want to provide accessible information to people who already own dogs and want to extend their companions’ lives or question a treatment their veterinarian prescribed, people who are looking to adopt or buy a dog and want to be as informed as possible, or people who are just interested in learning more or helping others with dogs.

So please, come in!  I encourage as much input and constructive criticism as you can dish – in a polite, communicative way.  Let me know what you would like to see or what you would like changed. And above all else, have fun learning about one awesome subject: your dog! :)


2 thoughts on “Woof!

  1. hi sis! congrats on the new blog and your first post! LOVE IT!!!!! and that pic of spinach = TO DIE FOR. love you! xoxoxo

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