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Hello again.

I am trying so so hard to get more posts up on here!  I am straying a little from my initial intent for the site, but I just have to get things out there.  I still think the things I’m talking about are relevant, just not precisely what I envisioned…

Anyway, I just wanted to talk about what’s generally been going on in my life dog-wise.  Mostly that I’ve been sitting a friend’s two (adorable) chihuahuas for the last month.  Amy and Kiki are distinguished gals who know what they want and usually get it. :P The best part is that I get to stay at my friend’s two bedroom apartment while she’s away!  It has been a really awesome experience, and has made me want to do it ALL THE TIME.  You see, my apartment, while it is also two bedrooms, is about half the size, is on the garden level of our ugly brick apartment building, and has no private space outside of my 10×10 bedroom.  Oh, and did I mention I live with an awkward roommate who painted all the walls dark maroon? (I really hope he doesn’t read this!)

My friend’s apartment, on the other hand, is the whole first floor of a quaint yellow New England style home in the nice part of town, has a back yard, huge windows that let in a lot of light, and I get the whole place to myself.  Aside from totally wanting to buy a house all my own, I have really come to enjoy having all this space to do whatever I want.  It makes me feel like a grown up. :) It has made me come to realize that I really do appreciate my own space and actually enjoy looking after a whole house.  I have even contemplated buying potted plants to line the back porch, but I wouldn’t be able to take them with me, and I don’t know how my friend feels about taking care of someone else’s plants.  In short, I really like the responsibility, and I think it would be cool to “borrow” (if you will) other peoples’ homes (and pets) for a little extra income.

So here it is.  [insert shameless plug here]

Are we going for a RIDE??The trio!

Who, what, where?!Beautiful ladies!


Sorry for the poor quality of the photos…they were taken on my cell phone while I figure out how to fix my DSLR.



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